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The best ride of my life was sitting on the tank of my father’s Hero Honda CD100. The air, the view, and of course the fun. Our love for his CD 100 is still the same. Don’t we all feel the same thing in our childhood? Our fathers and their love for their motorcycles.

Thanks to Bollywood, the first sports bike I ever saw was Suzuki GSX 1300 R Hayabusa in Dhoom. Back then, sports bikes were more frequently seen on television and in movies than on public roadways. Hence, the start of the sports bike mania.

As social media and tourism both gain popularity over time, so do Travellers' Aspirations. People come together through a shared love of motorcycles and travel aspirations. In India, numerous motorcycle clubs were founded. The GenZ generation has now inherited the millennial passion for motorcycles.

GenZ prefers fast and sporty motorcycles. They have much crazier aspirations and bucket lists than we do. Completely unrelated to what we were doing. In addition to Gen Z, businesses also began experimenting. Many businesses in India sponsor their groups and host events to inspire the country's fanatical bikers. Companies like KTM, TVS, Royal Enfield, and others are heavily investing in these initiatives. After hoisting flags at the national level, Indian bikers seek to participate in the global motorcycle community.

Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing is the most popular name in the world of motorcycle racing. It is the global championship in motorsport with the longest history. The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) sanctions Grand Prix motorcycle racing as the highest level of motorcycle road racing.

After holding competitions in practically every nation, rumors suggest that the MotoGP will visit India in 2023. It's fantastic news for our racers and riders. The occasion will take place in Greater Noida's Gautam Buddha International Circuit.

Why Noida?

Participants are invited from all around India and the world to this event. Great infrastructure and connection are the two most essential elements needed to stage such fantastic events, and Noida offers the best mix of both. The best amenities are found in Noida, a planned city. Different sectors are investing in Noida as a result of the city's rapid development.

Being a planned city, you can expect the best planned, modern infrastructure that compliments the natural beauty both internally and in terms of demographics. Everywhere you go, you will find the best amenities and stunning interiors, whether it is a private society or a public space.

Noida has excellent connectivity and is a wonderful city. The city was designed with the road system in mind. The nearest metro station provides access to all areas of the city, and the streets are well-lit and clean. In Noida, roadways are roughly 30 m wide, but in commercial areas, such as schools, universities, and other establishments, they are 60 m wide.

Yamuna Expressway connects it to practically all major cities. The city is also close to the international airport. There are a lot of forthcoming and ongoing projects that will help with planning and organizing this event.

Buddh International Circuit, in Noida, is another feature that makes it the ideal location for the event. It was created especially for these occasions. It was also where the first-ever F1 race was held earlier.

With this event, India will reach another significant milestone. It will be a significant victory for the auto industry, bikers, and India. Although the dates have not yet been chosen, they will very soon. We are as excited about this forthcoming event as you are. Let's hope we soon have the opportunity to host this fantastic event.

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