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How to be rich by Investing in Real Estate?

Investing in Real Estate is the best option, Here's why!

1. Price Appreciation

'If I have bought this land 10 years back, maybe today I will be a Crorepati'. We all have heard this statement from people. The biggest benefit of investing in Real Estate is Price Appreciation. Price appreciation is considered a key factor in the value of your property. Whether buyers are paying on a future sale or an investment, price appreciation can impact the amount of money you will earn from your real estate investments.

An Expert like YoungAce can help us comprehend it better. According to their experts - 'if you compare the market price of land in Delhi, Noida, or even Gurugram a few decades ago. You can see that Delhi and Gurgaon had prices that were significantly higher than those in Noida. The explanation was evident: Noida was nothing more than a piece of undeveloped ground covered in abundant flora. But now, Noida is one of the developed and planned cities of India, and, if you purchased a property in Noida at that time, you made the best investment of your life.' Also Read: Noida - The New IT Hub

2. Tax Benefits

Real estate tax deductions can balance out income and lower overall taxes. Rental income is indeed not subject to self-employment taxes. At the same time, the government provides tax advantages for loan interest, insurance, maintenance and repair costs, and even property depreciation. For their long-term investments, real estate investors receive lower tax rates. It is simple to deduct reasonable property management, operation, and ownership expenses.

3. Adequate Cash Flow

You can create a steady stream of cash flow by making real estate investments. A reliable passive income stream can be created with monthly rental revenue. The investor receives excellent financial security from it. Rent revenue from your properties might make sure that your retirement years are stress-free if you are preparing to retire. Residential rental yields in Mumbai can range from 2 to 4%, while commercial rental yields can reach 6 to 9%. It makes sense to invest in a high-end office space in Mumbai if you solely want to purchase real estate to generate passive income.

4. Safest Investment

Compared to other assets like stock markets and cryptocurrencies, real estate is a relatively safer investment choice. In uncertain times like pandemics, inflation issues, and recessions, stocks and bitcoin are too unstable investment options. On the other hand, throughout the past few decades, real estate has consistently grown. Sales in the real estate sector have increased as a result of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority's (RERA) establishment, lower home loan interest rates, and less stamp duty in some states. Real estate values are stable and less prone to frequent volatility, unlike stock markets and cryptocurrencies, which are overly fragile. Of course, this comes with the warning that you should only invest in under-construction property with a reputable developer and after performing the necessary due diligence, or in a ready home where there is no risk of delays. Also Read: RERA - A Tool of Transparency

5. Leverage

One of the main advantages of investing in real estate is leverage. Leverage is the term for borrowing money to finance your real estate investments. Your ability to purchase is increased as a result. Let's suppose you decide to purchase a 1 Crore home. With your money, you can put down as low as 10–15 lakhs, and you can get a loan to pay the remaining balance. By doing this, you become the property's entire owner even though you only invested 10% to 15% of your money. You won't need to invest your entire life's money because the property value will keep rising over time and you'll obtain a high ROI.

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