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Educating India - One Agent at a time

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

It’s been exactly 75 years since India gained independence from the British Empire, and there’s

no better time to look back at how far Indian real estate has come in this country over the last century.

From our early days as a primarily agricultural society to today’s bustling technological

hubs, we’ve seen massive changes in how we live and work and in our ability to offer better homes

to more people every year.

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In a country like India, where real estate is one of the fastest growing industries, it is essential to have a workforce that is properly educated and trained. With RE/MAX India's initiative to educate 1 lac real estate agents, we are helping to ensure that the industry continues to grow and thrive.

This effort is essential not only for the real estate industry but for the economy as a whole.

By educating and training agents, RE/MAX India is helping to create jobs and opportunities for people all across the country. As more and more agents become knowledgeable about the business, they will be able to help more people find their dream

home or commercial property. And this education also includes how to best work with foreign or NRI clients with a vast network of RE/MAX across 113+ countries.

The program also helps agents better understand aspects of the process that might otherwise seem unclear- such as financing options and different loan terms. By providing quality education programs, RE/MAX India gives its agents an edge over other agencies that may offer less comprehensive training.

From the desk of - Aditya Agarwal (CEO RE/MAX|YoungAce)

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