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Demolition for Transparency

On 4th September'22, The Supertech Twin Tower was demolished in Noida.
Supertech Twin Tower Demolition

From being a jungle to one of India's best-planned cities, Noida has become a real estate hotspot. The driving force behind India's ascent to global dominance, Noida is one of the largest planned industrial townships in Asia and is no longer just your typical industrial district.

Due to its proximity to Delhi, Noida has grown to be a region of endless potential, and demand for real estate is increasing dramatically. But the thing which makes Delhi and Noida different is the planning and execution of commercial and residential areas along with vegetation and other amenities.

Over the past two decades, Noida's population has risen drastically which ends up in high demand for domicile. This demand has opened a passage of development.

A lot of builders and groups get involved in this process. Some of them worked hard and made the city beautiful while some got greedy.

All eyes were on the demolition of Supertech Twin Tower last month. To me, it was a victory for people, and an opportunity to push for new and better standards for developers in India. I agree that It has taken 10 years to get here, but over these past years, I've seen how much things have changed. People are now more aware than ever of RERA & the government norms and policies. When it comes to investing in real estate, they are asking questions (and demanding answers) from those who try to disregard government norms and policies. People have only one message to give “They want Absolute Transparency”.

Our mission at Reality Talks is to equip you with all the information you need regarding Indian real estate, no matter how specific or granular your demands could be. Our team is always busy in keeping everything updated for you to make judgments based on reliable information; decisions that will bring peace of mind when it comes to investing in property.

From the desk of - Nishant Tomar (Marketing Head, REMAX|YoungAce)

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